Backyard Ultra Paraguana

At shortly before 7 a.m. on Saturday, you line up at the start.
At precisely 7 a.m., you begin running 4.16667 miles around the Santa Ana town, returning to where you began. Every hour on the hour you must return to begin again. Miss the start and you’re out. Show up alone at the start, run the course, you win. Runners will have space for a chair and a cool box. Water will be supplied. And food will be there at certain points of the day.

Welcome to the first Venezuelan affiliated race. Backyard Ultra Paraguaná (BUPA) has a course at sea level on the surroundings of the historic Santa Ana town in Falcon State, Venezuela, less than an hour from the cities of Coro or Punto Fijo. The weather in December is generally less hotter than the rest of the year, loops can range from 18° ~ 35°C. So maybe this Backyard Ultra maybe will grind down most runners pretty quickly.

We look forward to see the Backyard Ultra community grow in Venezuela.

// Miguel Davila

Date: December 12, 2020 07:00 am
Location: Santa Ana de Paraguaná – Falcon
Country: Venezuela
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