Backyard Ultra Sölvesborg

Date: May 9, 2020  
Location: Blekinge 
Country: Sweden 
More information: Facebook event

The Backyard Ultra community is strong in Sweden and on the second weekend in May we’ll see another great race. The race will take place in connection to the small town of Sölvesborg and part of the course will be over, what is said to be, the longest pedestrian bridge in Europe. This means that over 10% of the loop will be on a bridge. A bridge which is well known for it’s beautiful night lighting design. It’s also known to be a place for couples in love. Don’t know if we’ll see any runners stopping for a kiss or two. But we know that runners going into the night will enjoy the bridge lighting.

We look forward to follow the event and see how the runners do in this spring Backyard Ultra.