Golden ticket weekend

What a weekend! Friday evening started of in Denmark with the The Great Dane Backyard Ultra. Tough to start the race at ten o’clock in the evening letting the runners going out into a cold spring night. Lazarus Lake was invited by the race directors and did an epic work covering the event in our Facebook group. It’s absolutely worth reading up on the progress of the race, if you have the time.

Some hours after dawn and when the Danes started on their 50 miles loop we saw the start of the Last man standing – Østmarka Backyard Ultra. The spring that the runners experienced in Denmark was not for the Norwegians who had snow. But the weather and spirit was high and we got some excellent coverage during the event in our group.

When the number of runners in Denmark was down to a handful the first ever Ohio Backyard Ultra started on the other side of the Atlantic. Three races at once is most probably an record. Lots of people doing lots of loops!

After 27 laps Leon Skriver Hansen was the last man standing in Denmark. Some 600 km north of Denmark we had to wait until lap 33 before Torbjörn Gyllenbring got the Golden ticket. The Ohio runners seems to have had the warmest weather as images reveal most having endured the event in shorts. After 31 laps Troy Allen was the last runner of the weekend to finish a lap and win the Ohio Backyard Ultra.

Great and impressing effort by the runners, race directors and all the people helping with the races.

Images taken from Backyard Ultra group feed.