Golden tickets 2019

Big’s Backyard Ultra is proud to announce its affiliation with the following Backyard Ultras from around the world. The winners of these races will receive a golden ticket to the 2019 Big’s:

Dubai: 02/02/19: Desert Trail Backyard Ultra: Mark Haigney, 26 hours

Ireland: 02/16/19: Last One Standing: Peter Cromie, 41 hours

Norway: 03/22/19: Østmarka Backyard Ultra: Torbjörn Gyllebring, 33 hours

Denmark: 03/22/19: Great Dane Last One Standing: Leon Skriver Hansen, 27 hours

Hong Kong: 04/19/19: Big Boar’s Backyard Challenge:

New Zealand: 05/03/2019: Riverhead Backyard Ultra:

England: 06/08/19: Last One Standing:

Australia: 06/15/19: Mirrim Wurnit Backpaddock Ultra:

Germany: 06/20/19: Bienwald Backyard Ultra:

Sweden: July 6: Sydkusten Backyard Ultra:

In addition to the international Last Men Standing, two more golden tickets will go to the winners with the greatest mileage from these affiliated North American Backyard Ultras:

Florida: February 9: Death at Dupuis Canal Backyard Ultra: Patrick Gallagher, 31 hours

Ohio: March 23 :the Ohio Backyard: Troy Allen, 31 hours

California: April 12: Embrace the SUC Backyard Ultra:

Texas: April 13: The Game Backyard Ultra:

Ohio: May 5: Bob’s Big Timber Backyard Ultra:…/bobs-big-timber

Alberta: June 21: Outrun Backyard Ultra:

New York: June 21: Mountain Lakes Backyard Ultra:

These 12 champions will join a stellar field of at large entrants on the Big Trail on October 19, 2019 to determine just who will be the Last Man on Earth.

Golden tickets 2020

The 2020 season will start a couple of days after Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra, October 19. If you would like to host a Golden ticket race please contact us.
At this point no races have yet been promised any Golden tickets for 2020.