Golden tickets 2020

We are proud to announce a slate of Golden ticket events for the 2020 Big’s Backyard Ultra World Championships.

There are currently 36 events selected worldwide, representing 23 countries, plus the US and Canada to send their champions to the Big’s.
In addition, there are a number of affiliated events, from whom the top winning results will gain an at large berth. The number of slots will be determined by the number of affiliated events as new ones continue to add. We will close additions of events after August 15.

Golden ticket events in Europe

8/31/2019: Last One Standing Florence Court Ireland’s Backyard ultra:
10/26/2019: Spain Backyard Ultra:
11/2/2019: Kyiv Last One Standing (Ukraine):
2/15/2020: Last One Standing Castleward Northern Irelands Backyard ultra:
3/7/2020: L’Ultimo Sopravvissuto (Italy):
4/17/2020: Last Man Standing Østmarka Bacyard Ultra (Norway):
5/1/2020: Great Dane Backyard Ultra (Denmark):
5/9/2020: Backyard Ultra Solvesborg (Sweden):
5/21/2020: Infinity Trail – 1ère Backyard Ultra française: (Available soon)
6/6/2020: Suffolk Backyard Ultra (England):
6/12/2020: Bienwald Backyard Ultra (Germany):
6/26/2020: Nuuksio Backyard Ultra (Finland):
August 2020: Heavy Metal Ultra (Estonia):

Affiliated Events in Europe:
9/5/2020: Big Shadow Backyard (Sweden):
8/24/2019: Ukraine Backyard Ultra:
8/29/2020: The Bridge Backyard Ultra (Sweden):
9/7/2019: Backyard Ultra Gävle (Sweden):
9/28/2019: Runneby Backyard Ultra (Sweden):
9/28/2019: Obbola Backyard (Sweden):
10/4/2019: Schinder-Trail® – Backyard Ultra (Germany):
1/5/2020: Trosa Ultra Backyard (Sweden):
4/17/2020: Täby Extreme Challenge Backyard (Sweden):
4/25/2020: Last One Standing France:
5/9/2020: Vinkbo Backyard Ultra (Sweden):
5/16/2020: Katzen Sprung’s Backyard Ultra (Germany):
June 2020: Älvdalen Backyard Ultra (Sweden):
June 2020: Granan Backyard Ultra (Sweden):
July 2020: Backyard Ultra Sydkusten (Sweden):
August 2020: Bunketorp Backyard Ultra Trail (Sweden):

Awaiting further information on additional races in Portugal, Spain, France, Russia.

Golden ticket events in Africa

28 Feb 2020: Aonijie Backyard Ultra (South Africa):

Affiliated Events in Africa:
10/05/2019: Delta Backyard Ultra (South Africa):

Golden ticket events in Middle East

7/2/2020: Desert Trail Backyard Ultra (United Arab Emirates)

Affiliated Events in Middle East

20/2/2020: DNF Challenge – Backyard Ultra Israel

Golden ticket events in Asia

1/25/2020: The Last Man Stands (In India’s backyard):
4/10/2020: Big Boars Backyard Challenge (Hong Kong):

8/3/2020: Malaysia Backyard Ultra:

Affiliated Events in Asia
Awaiting further information on additional races in Japan and Singapore.

Golden ticket events in Oceania

4/3/2020: The Riverhead Backyard ReLaps Ultra (New Zealand):
6/13/2020: Mirrim Wurnit Back Paddock Ultra (Australia):
August 2020: The Clint Eastwood Last One Standing (Australia):

Affiliated Events in Oceania
9/6/2019: Backyard Blister (Australia):

Golden ticket events in South/Central America

10/24/2019: Llajtay Backyard Ultra (Bolivia):
1/11/2020: Último Sobreviviente Backyard Ultra (Dominican Republic):

Affiliated Events in South/Central America
1/25/2020: Lost Valley Backyard Ultra (Chile):
Awaiting further information on additional race in Brazil

Golden ticket events in North America

10/26/2019: Asylum Ultra – Last Man Standing (South Carolina):
12/28/2019: Trail of Fears (Tennessee):
2/22/2020: Death at DuPuis (Florida):
4/3/2020: Big Hill Bonk (Wisconsin):
4/10/2020: Sisyphus Ultra Challenge (California):
4/18/2020: The Game Backyard Ultra, A Last Man Standing Race (Texas):
5/2/2020: Bob’s Big Timber Backyard Ultra (Ohio): Bob’s Big Timber Backyard Ultra – A Last Man Standing Event
5/23/2020: Capital Backyard Ultra (Maryland):
6/19/2020: Mountain Lakes Backyard Ultra (New York):
June 2020: Outrun Backyard (Alberta):
7/11/2020: Washington Backyard Ultra:
7/18/2020: Big Wolf’s Backyard (Quebec):
8/3/2020: Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra:

Affiliated Events in North America
September 2019: Tartarus Backyard Ultra (Washington):
September 2019: The Last Boyscout (Illinois):
September 2019: Sole Survivor (Washington):
10/26/2019: Dans La Cour du Diable – Devil’s Backyard Ultra (Quebec):
10/26/2019: The Cannonball (Tennessee):
3/21/2020: Ohio’s Backyard Ultra:
4/8/2020: Banana Slug Backyard Ultra (Oregon):
4/17/2020: Backyard Soul Survivor (Georgia):
June 2020: Mad Trapper Backyard Ultra (Quebec):
July 2020: Tally in the Valley- The Gong Show (Ontario):