watching the runners come inn off the trail loop all day

i started to feel a little concern as the afternoon wore on.

now on their third day of running

they are not as chipper as they once were.


as the yards kept adding up

the times kept getting slower.

by the last few yards before dark

some of them were not getting in until after 3 whistles!


they were perilously close to getting caught in the death spiral.


we all go thru our ups and downs on a long run.

we go thru stretches of feeling strong

and periods of struggling.

this is a normal part of every long run.

you simply push thru and eventually it goes away

then you run well again…


the death spiral begins when you go too slow and dont have enough time to prepare for the next start.

which makes you go slower

which gets you in later

which gives you less preparation

which makes you slower…


i think you know where this is going.


a backyarder can break out of a death spiral.

but it isnt easy.


it might not be the trails.

i have a feeling we may see the death spiral tonight.

the third night is really tough!