there will not be 75 runners to reach 24 hours.

kartick joshi from india is out.

he fell on the trail,

and suffered some manner of rib injury.


the heartbreak was palpable when he came in on the 9th yard.

two years of dreams broken

without the opportunity to truly put himself to the test.


but this is what big’s backyard eventually becomes.

the field of broken dreams.

the backyard is a race that anyone can win.

they only must come with more determination than anyone else.

it is not about speed

or strength.

it is about the will to win.

the winner is ultimately not the runner who is fastest

but the one who can last the longest without quitting.

75 athletes showed up knowing that they could win.


out here on big’s trails

we have 75 people who never quit.

yet, somehow, before this thing is over

all but one of them will.


for 74 athletes the dream lives on….


for now