as always happens,

when there is a lot of activity my post will be late.

and any news will already be disseminated…


but how can there be no post on a record-tying yard?


three runners remain:

harvey lewis looks to be the most endangered on an immediate basis,

he runs the closest to cutoff

and sometimes seems to be struggling…


none of that is any different than it was at the beginning of he race.

about 50 runners that looked better than harvey are watching from the sidelines.

just sayin’


ihor verys- what can you say?

unlike most of the top group no one really knew who he was.

so by quietly going about his business ihor flew under the radar for a long time.

that wont happen again.

ihor looks the strongest right now,



bartosz fudali- he only qualified just before the deadline

and nothing was known about him.

he got by as quietly as verys until the crowd at the front started to thin.


if verys is the stronger of the two right now,

it is not by much.

and there is that backyard tradition of wild momentum swings

and unexpected finishes.


the upcoming hours are going to be very interesting!