hour 11


now we are down to 3 intact teams in the small country division:

iceland, malta, and switzerland!


amazing iceland is still running top 5 in the open division.

they have come to play.


there are still 18 intact teams overall…


but i have to let you in on a secret about the scoring;

it is very dynamic,

and right now the score is not even equal to halfway thru the first quarter.

at this point in 2020

the US had started short a man,

and already lost another.

we were buried down in the bottom tier of the rankings…


at the end we were in second.,


this show has barely begun.


this morning i was pretty discouraged about the broadcast.

we were inundated by the spam from the fake live feed.

and the you tube was really struggling to work.


we seem to have finally figured out how to hold of the spammers

(sandra gets the credit for that)

and the you tube is working excellent.


this is not a “livestream”

it is a broadcast.

there is live on location coverage,

as well as interviews with participants

and as the gets more heated there will be coverage of what is happening in the team competition.


if you get hit up for a credit card you got the spammer

and just disconnect.

the real broadcast is free

and you can find the link on backyardultra.com