hour 14


it is a slow beating.

like boiling a frog.

they barely notice the temperature slowly rising around them.

15 come in and 15 go out.

again and again.


12 intact teams remain.

iceland stands alone atop the small countries leaderboard.

they said going in they came to win

and now they control their own fate.


ukraine and finland each have 14.

ukraine is understandably behind on reporting

but they have had 14 for a while.

finland has been down a man from the start.


so projecting ahead,

if the runners hold

in a few hours the leaderboard would be iceland, ukraine, finland.

finland and ukraine are closer to dawn than iceland

which will bring renewed life to their runners.


iceland’s runners will have to hold on thru several hours more of darkness

latitude and longitude are against them.


but that is a consideration now in all analysis of the leaderboard.

what time is it,

and where?

new zealand is in the afternoon.

japan is at midday.

fewer runners stop in daylight.


europe and africa are approaching dawn.

those who make it the few remaining dark hours will get a boost with the sun.

the americas are deep in the pit of night,

when sunrise seems a lifetime away.


not all hours are made the same.

the depths of despair follow sunset around the globe…


again and again…


and 100 hours is still 86 hours away.


this game.

this cruel game.

this blood sport.

has only just begun!