this is another money lap

especially in metric countries;

100 km at the end of this one.


so many runners have reached 100 km in the backyard

when they never expected to be able to go so far.

this is where there are usually a lot of stops.

but no one started this race with dreams of 100 km.

it is only another milestone to celebrate.


for the runners at big’s this is where the milestones start spreading out.

it will be 9 more hours to reach the next major landmark;

and then several come at once:

24 hours, the completion of a day.

100 miles in that same day

the end of the long night,

and a return to the trail….


everyone was praying for the road to come

after so many hours on the trail.

before morning everyone will be praying to return to the trail.


of course none of those are things that they can think about right now.

start thinking in terms of 9 more hours of darkness

and your head can end up in a place darker than the night.

start thinking about how tired you are on only the first night

with at least 3 and possibly 4 more nights to run

and it can seem quite impossible.


so the answer now is to live only in the moment.

do the yard you are on

try to use the downtime with maximum efficiency

and then start another.

dont count

dont look ahead.

just run.