hour 16.


i could not understand how i got off…


but a quick look back shows that i counted hour 13 twice!

so now we are back on track.

we are down to 12 intact teams,

and iceland is still one of them.

how can you not love the icelanders?


now only finland is less than 2 runners behind them.

so iceland is starting to build up a lead in the small division.


finland is steadily climbing up thru the field

moving into 3 way tie for 6th,

which they should take sole possession of this hour.

.a lot of yards will have to be covered before this thing is over,

but right now the two hottest teams in the small countries division

are led by women as their top seeds!


i need to make a point of bringing up the live broadcast every hour,

just turned over there to find an interview going on with a member of team pakistan.

you can find the link on backyardultra.com


do not use the spam link being posted on facebook that charges,

the real broadcast is free!