hour 19


so the number of intact teams is down to 11.

spain finally lost a runner.


it had been my thinking that the small country competition would provide excitement to help me survive the long first night.

and indeed that has turned out exactly as expected.


iceland still has 14 runners and 269 yards,

and they are starting to pull away from the pack.

malta is now struggling with 9

and appears destined to finally fall from second place this hour.

ukraine and switzerland are now tied

both have 254 yards

(15 behind iceland and 1 behind malta)

and 12 runners.

switzerland is 2 yards back and also has 12.

while finland continues to move up,

altho now with only 13

has closed within 2 yards of vietnam.


mauritius is now down to 2 runners.

they are very close to being the first team eliminated.


meanwhile mexico has the latest hard weather story;

after having their original venue washed away in a flood


managed to scrape up a new venue just days before the race.

tonight another storm blew their tents away

and flooded the low parts of the course…


the stoic team mexico just keeps on keeping on.

they might be a long shot in the team competition now,

but they still have some runners capable of taking the race for top individual down to the wire.


here we are in the deepest part of the night.

the longest and loneliest yards.

what gives me hope

is seeing the livestream from denmark

of runners in the daylight…


it is coming our way!