hour 20


down to only 10 unscathed teams

at most…


australia and sweden are late checking in,

so it could be less.


portugal lost their number 2.


at this point 18 teams have lost 2 or fewer runners.


back in the small division

iceland had a tough hour 19.

still, they are 16 yards ahead of ukraine and switzerland,

also each with 12.

vietnam lost another and is down to 11

vietnam and malta (with only 8 remaining) are 2 yards behind ukraine/switzerland,

and only 1 yard ahead of finland,

now catching everyone with 13.


finland now has the most runners left

and is only 3 yards out of second.


if you think the scoring hasnt been crazy enough already,

just wait an hour and see what happens next.


so here is another bit of interesting data to chew on.

of the seeds 7-165,

guess which one has the most runners remaining….


you guessed it.


if you dont think this game is mental,

then this might not make sense.

but those 15’s came in with a chip on their shoulders.

they had something to prove.


the least missing seeds are in the number one slot.

only venezuela, singapore, and the UK are missing their number 1 seed.

in the case of the UK,

their man arrived at the competition sick.

he probably should not have come,

but he could not let his team mates down.


the small team competition still has a long, long way to go.

i will be surprised if we know the winner before tomorrow night.


and by then the scoring in the large division will be heating up.


expect a wild and wooly competition

and dont be surprised if we dont find out the winner until wednesday!.