there is one common thread between all of these athletes.

and the more i am here around them the more it stands out.


mental toughness.


if you were to hold tryouts and gauge their pure athleticism

a lot of these athletes would not make your team.

but if you were here to see how they handle their business,

you would pick them all.


they are willing to do the work to achieve their goals

they do not expect to have anything given to them

they do not expect to run a race that is more than they earned.

they do not complain when things get tough

they do not back away from discomfort.

they do not flinch.


it is inspiring just to watch them

hour after hour.

even when one is in trouble

they face it without a complaint.


of course this is what i should have expected.

when you put together a field of the best in the world

at a game that is predicated on mental toughness.


these people are amazing.