hour 22


so we have our first team reaching the end.

mauritius is down to one this hour,

julien law hin chin;

mauritius’ national record holder and number one seed

has only to complete the 22nd hour to secure the first golden ticket of the 2022 satellite championships.


in the large country competition

we still have 10 teams with full complements.


in the small country division,

iceland’s lead is down to 6 yards.

they have 10 runners still on the course,

the same as ukraine and switzerland in a tie for second.

one yard behind them is finland with 11 runners.

a clean hour will tie finland for second at the end of this hour…


at worst.


austria and norway,

each with 12

are closing in only 6 yards behind finland.


you can be sure there are a lot of runners holding on for all they are worth.

because this is still any of their race to win…