hour 24

this is the big hour,



everyone who finishes this hour will have guaranteed themselves a spot on the at large list for the 2022-2023 season.


it looks like only 9 teams will make it to 24 hours unbroken,

as sweden lost one in hour 23.

i am making the daring estimation that no one will drop during hour 24.

how could anyone get so close,

and then let it get away?


the small country competition is still in doubt.

not for india and venezuela,

where kartik joshi and moises lopez both got golden tickets when the other runners failed to complete the 23rd yard.


at the front i see that last hour’s figures were not complete.

i knew that the iceland lead sounded too small

but my foggy brain could not figure it out….


truly i needed the glorious 5 minutes of sleep i got.

you can only imagine how refreshed i am now!


iceland is actually 15 yards in front of finland

but at a man down (10-11) are losing a yard an hour.


ukraine and switzerland are in 3rd and 4th with 8 men each.

norway and austria each have 12,

and if they all finish will take over 3rd and 4th regardless of what ukraine and switzerland do.

right now the top 4 are getting closer together every hour!


i have to get out to blow some whistles and ring some bells right now,

when i get back we need to take another look at how the time of day will play into the competition going into the next 24 hours.