hour 27


it was not enough.

we lost one this hour,

and so did canada…


so much for the healing power of the morning!


only 4 teams remain intact now:






there is a sense that the opening phase of the race is drawing to a close soon.


if you have followed the insane swings of the small country race

you know that being the last intact team guarantees nothing.

that is when the real race begins.


from there on out

it is about every team member

fighting for every yard.


this thing is likely to get crazy before it is over.

because everyone is hurt now.

and this is the backyard.

where the race can turn on a dime.

anything can happen

and anyone can win….


in the small division iceland is down to 6.

they still have a 9 yard lead over finland.

but finland has 10.

finland has a 1 yard lead over norway.

but norway has 11.


we have been watching the lines converge since yesterday

and now it looks like they will meet in the next two hours.

. except this is the backyard

and anything can happen.

at this point we know everyone is hurting.

we just dont know how bad.


i am anxious to see what the next leaderboard reveals.