hour 29


we are down to 2 clean teams now.

france lost a member,

so either belgium or hungary will be the first team in sole possession of first.

after that happens,

we enter the phase where everyone is in pursuit,..


that is when the race really begins.


in the small division the lines have converged.

norway is tied with iceland at 358

but norway has 9 still running and iceland has 4.

so there is little doubt this was iceland’s last hour in the lead…


at least for now.


finland is 2 yards behind and has 8 survivors.

the race will not be over until it is over.

there is no time limit,

so as long as two runners are moving

there is still a chance!


backyarding at the championship level is an amazing thing to watch.

but it should not be something that intimidates you.

too often i have been told:

“it sounds interesting, but i could never run an ultra”


it is almost unfortunate that the name ultra was ever attached.

because the backyard is not just for these elite runners.

the true heart and soul of backyard

is any runner who steps into the starting corral to seek their personal limits.

it doesnt matter if that is 20 yards…


or two.


most people dont realize that probably 75% of backyard races are won with less than 24 hours.

the backyard was developed because it is simple to stage.

you do not need huge spaces or a big budget.

all the equipment necessary to hold an affiliated backyard is a wristwatch, a whistle, and a bell (and a notebook to write down the results)

all you need,

in order to to be able to participate in one

is the courage to step into the corral and answer that bell.

you dont have to worry about people running off and leaving you.

it is the winners that are out on the course forever.

you dont have to worry about being judged.

if you go further than you have ever gone,

you are a success.

and everyone there will share your joy


only one person in the race is not a dnf.

and that person never gets to find their limits.

we make them the winner as a consolation prize.

your finish is going to be as much a success as anyone elses.


so it is great if the things these people do inspire you.

but dont let it inspire you to be in awe of them.

let it inspire you to find out what you can do.

so what if you can’t run 80 yards?

how many people can?


but you can strap it on real good

and go out there to see what you can do.

you might be surprised.

you will have fun.

and you will go further than you thought you could.


the famous motto of backyard is;

“one more lap”

but i really think it should be;

“be your own hero!”