hour 31


still belgium and hungary are unscathed.

is this the right time to point out that 6 of the 30 runners on those two teams are women?

or that 5 of them are on team hungary,,,


fully one third?


how about the 5 women on team iceland?

or that team finland’s top seed is a woman?

or at least 2 women on team norway

(as well as the team manager)

team austria has a woman as well

and team usa (who had 2 qualified, but only one chose to run)


there is a good chance that no team without female members will make the podium

if you want to be competitive at the world level,

you need to recruit women.


backyard is a sport where women can compete on a level playing field.

the numbers prove it.


norway is now up 5 yards on finland.

both are down to 5 runners.

iceland is still in reach,

but finland and norway would both have to collapse.