at last we had a clean hour.

61 runners are now only 4 hours from sunset.

from here they can almost taste it.

they can feel the cool air on their skin

the flat surface under their feet….


scratch that.

i knew we could not be so lucky

finland’s visa kivinen has pulled the plug.

so now only 60 runners move on.


the people really missing out are the ones who will be tuning in tuesday or wednesday to see the finish.

the game will be no more exciting then than it is now

it will just have fewer names.


with every runner in the field a champion

every thing that happens is of interest.

seeing the runners go down

with now 15 great runners removed from the field

my brain wants to ask;

“well, who will be left?”

and then i remember that there are 60 runners equally as good still in the field.

i have to admit that i am already tired

and it wont get better.

but what a race i have already seen.

and it is only going to get better every day.

i just dont see how what happens next could mean as much

without seeing what is happening now.

where will be the context?