hour 33


we have a new name for the backyard

(not the race, the actual yard)

we are calling it disneyworld on crack…


only one ride,

but it is a doozey!

(do not exit until ride has come to a complete stop)


obviously my glasses are at least tentatively fixed.

i cant judge the repair since i have to take my glasses off to see my glasses,

in which case they are only a metallic gold blur.


and speaking of a wild ride;

hungary just lost two after the 32nd hour.

and suddenly belgium and the us have the most runners at 14.

hungary, belgium, us, australia, japan, and canada are all within 15 yards…


let the wild melee begin.


back in the small division

norway is up on finland by 4 yards

but only has 2 runners to finland’s 3.

iceland is another 5 yards back,

but also has 3…


any of the three could still win!


make some more popcorn