hour 34.


the backyard can turn on a dime.

hungary looked invincible

but just like that they are down to 11.

the us and belgium still have 14.


talk about lifting spirits.


of course we are just on hour 34.

it is still early in the race.

and when we look back at he other teams still out there.

they are not that far behind.

they have fewer runners right now,

but that can change in the blink of an eye.


it seems that in the satellite backyard,

no lead is safe.


i am sure there will be a thousand more twists before it is over.


the backyard really is like a carnival ride.

an emotional roller coaster.


the small division has taken an equal turn.

now we have finland out,

so iceland is an hour away from moving back into second place.


norway has a pretty good lead.

but are down to two runners.

if they lose either one,

the other can only go one more yard.

and even if they dont,

as long as iceland has 3 they can make up a yard an hour.

9 more hours is not the least unreasonable in backyard terms.


the backyard can turn on a dime.

anything can happen…


and it probably will.