hour 35


amidst the insanity it also came a pretty good rainfall here.

very concerned about our guys and gal safely negotiating the slippery wet trails on the last trail loop.

it will be a relief if we get them all back in time for the relative comfort of the road.

hungary continues to have issues,

now down to only 10.

belgium has taken the lead for the first time.


if we can all survive the trail we will move into second.


behind us,

but not that far,

are japan (11)

canada (11)

and australia (13)

all of them are very much in the running.


after the comeback of 2020,

and after seeing what has happened in the small teams division

we are not taking anything for granted.

i dont think we have seen the last lead change by a long shot!


if you want to follow the action with live coverage of all the happenings around the world

(not to mention see the US team start on yard 37)

dont forget the free broadcast…