hour 46
grinding away towards the 48 hour landmark.
this is where the runner has t have perfected the art of only doing one yard at a time.
back to back sub 24 hour 100 milers is no joke.
here on the USA course in tennessee there are a lot of challenges that come at the same time.
one is that it is the midnight to sunup hours
of the second consecutive night.
the runner would be sleepy now
even without having been up for two days.

second is the accumulated wear of nearly 200 miles running.
the body is fatigued
the muscles and joints are sore.
and whatever little niggles you have picked up are magnified by repetition.
if you try to fit all that remains in your head at once
it ccan be overwhelming.
there is an art to keeping your head in the yard you are on.
we have a dozen guys trying to reach that milestone.
some are old hands.
others are in unfamiliar territory.
when they get back from this lap they will only be two hours away.
the same will apply to runners all over the world.
i wish them all well.
they are too close to give up now,
and have to start all over again at a later date.