the 47 all went out again.

i am getting ever more excited about the number of people about to log a sub 48 hour time for 200 miles.


for most runners the time between midnight and dawn is the hardest to run.

it takes a special mindset to maintain a steady performance during those hours.

one of the keys is to stay in the moment

you cant think about it being dark

you being sleepy

or (especially) how long it will be before dawn.

what the runner has to do is just stay focused on maintaining a consistent effort

and let dawn come when it may.

i always had good success by just running an hour at a time

with my focus on getting in a certain number of miles in that hour.

that way the night seemed to pass quickly

and before i knew it i was on the hour before the sun came up…


in a sense, the backyard creates the same strategy.

that is exactly how the night is paced.

and in hour 47 the runners have reached the hour before sunup.


the next hour will end in daylight!