only one runner stopped at 48.

so obviously the other 46 have come to play.


the lone athlete to stop at 48 hours was niki micallef.

niki earned his place at big’s as the maltese champion.

but he stepped into the starting corral two days ago

with the smallest qualifying distance in the field.


as he stood there and looked around at all the world class athletes

he wondered if he really belonged.


the first day was not easy,

but it went well.

however, when he returned to the trail on day 2

it became a struggle to make each lap.

one yard at a time he got it done.

just one more.

overr and over.

just find a way to do one more.


when he got to the road;

“every part of me below my waist was in pain”

every lap he doubted he could make it.

but one agonizing hour at a time he got back under the time limit.


no matter what he felt “below the waist”

every hour he stepped back into the starting corral

and answered the bell.

at last

the end that seemed it would never come



in a sport where success is measured by improvement

niki improved his lifetime best by 21 yards.

from 27 to 48.

28 of the world class athletes that were in that first corral with him

quit before he did….


niki, you belong.