hour 5 is underway.

one more warning about the spammers… do not click on their fake links for the broadcast.

the real broadcast is free.

we are taking them down as fast as we can.


the scoring issues are almost under control,

and there is now meaningful information on the scoresheet.

you can go to the backyardultra.com and find links to the broadcast, the leaderboard, and the updates.

none of the 27 full teams that started have lost a man yet.

but we are still only 4 hours in.team malaysia suffered from 4 non-starters.

that has to be distressing to their organizer.

the other 9 short teams are only down a single man.

that can be overcome later.


from the runners perspective

things are settling in now.

they will pass 20 miles on this yard,

our team members have been sorting into various pairs and groupings

just talking and getting to know one another.

of course some are already acquainted,

but drawing runners from across the country

others have never met.


they will all be well acquainted before this is over!