nesting dolls


one of the fun things about the satellite races

is the many layers of things going on.


you can look at the leaderboard and tell that australia is ever less likely to catch the us.

we have to much manpower advantage.

but they have more than the us to worry about.

belgium is not all that far behind,

and would like nothing better than to bump them out of 2nd place.



belgium has to keep moving

because they have the last podium spot….


and japan is only one spot below them.

with a 1 man advantage japan is closing the gap slowly.

but if another belgian drops

the gap would start narrowing way too fast….


then there is a lot of fun in the 8th and 9th position.

sweden is one point ahead of denmark.

they each have 2 men left.

and you might think they are competing for that gold ticket to the world championship

and in a sense they are….


but denmark does not want to be behind sweden

and sweden does not want to be behind denmark….


quite possibly this could go on forever.


and then there is mexico.

they had all kinds if problems early,

(most of them having nothing to do with the actual running)

and got buried way back in the field…


but they have nit given up,

and i have been watching them creep up thru the teams that have quit.

but my figures,

if they can keep all three runners going

they are 5 hours from getting into the top 10



i have to go do something.

but the scoreboard is full of games within the game.