34 runners remain on course

in 10 countries.

the us has all but locked up the win

australia, belgium, and japan will more than likely follow in that order

(dont forget this is the backyard, and nothing is certain until the last yard is run!)

canada will probably catch hungary in 5th place this hour

france is currently in 7th,

but with no remaining runners

denmark and sweden are on track to pass them in 2 hours.

new zealand is sitting in the 10th spot.

also having lost all their runners

mexico, currently in 12th

is expected to move into 10th place in 2 hours…


the 34 who remain are not going to go down easy.

every one of them has sustained damage.

they have been running for nearly two and a half days.

all day

all night

thru every sort of weather.

every hour they step into the corral on the whistles

and start when the bell sounds.


they have never wavered

because it only takes a moment of weakness to end a backyard.

238 miles (382 kilometers)

and an unknown distance to go.


but do not look for any of them to fall easily.

these have been chosen by the most rigorous selection on earth.

they are the ones that will not bend

these are the best of the best.


on another note.

if you have missed the live broadcast

or highlights of it;

they are putting up clips and segments.

you can find them at: