with everything that has happened the past two hours

this will have to end up being another combined update.

i dont think i can even reconstruct the sequence of events

suffice it to say that:

people finished loops and quit

people went out on loops and came back

people finished over the time limit

and one is still in the woods two hours after the time limit that was missed!

in all that we lost:

matt blackburn (uk)

jon asphjell (norway)

scott snell (usa)

levi yoder (usa)

amanda nelson (canada)


i think we lost all the ones that were struggling,

but will have to wait until the smoke clears

and we have another finish to figure it out.


one thing that came out of all the mayhem

was an opportunity to take a look at the front of the pack….


i am going to be here a long time.

there are 31 runners left.

half of them look like they have done nothing.

with the first road loop coming up next

(and no one was in trouble at the end of the last yard)

predictions are at least 20

maybe as many as 25 reach 72 hours.

going by the numbers

this is the best multiday field ever assembled.


fans at home;

make sure you have a good connection and fasten your seat belts…


this is going to be a wild ride!