it aint over till its over.

and in the backyard satellites it ends when you run out of runners.

then all you can do is sit and watch,

wondering just how long your active pursuers can go.


many hours ago it seemed that mexico had caught the last team they could possibly catch…

but campillo and salevo have just kept on adding yards

and all at once the 16 yards between them and sweden looks very shaky.

not only that,

france is only a yard in front of sweden.

if the mexican pair can hold on for 9 more hours

mexico could finish in 8th place!

already they are only 2 yards from the mexican national record.


denmark is still 67 yards behind 6th place hungary.

that would take 34 hours to catch them.

sound impossible?


96 yards would be a world record.

but not a distance anyone thinks is impossible.


japan, belgium, and australia are the most intriguing.

down to three,

second place australia is giving up a yard an hour to belgium.

and they only lead by seven yards!

losing another man could be catastrophic.

japan is seemingly too far behind.

but they still have 4 runners.

should either or both of the pair in front falter,

japan could close the gap fast.


this race is far from over!