nothing seems quite real in the night.

i am standing at the scorers table

i know what to do

watch the clock and blow the whistle

a few shadowy figures are moving in the darkness

at the edge of the area illuminated by the light in the tent.

i have to concentrate on the flashing red numbers

to remember which which are the hours

which are the minutes

and which are the seconds.


the minutes flash to 59

and i give a single long blast on the whistle.

and then pick up a bell from the corner of the table

mechanically i go thru the countdown

as spectral figures emerge from the darkness and congregate in front of me.


i call out the final seconds counting down

while the seconds on the clock are counting up

10 when the seconds read 50

9 when they read 51

8 when they read 52….


even though this has been repeated hourly for three days

and 3 nights

it requires concentration to get it right.

when the clock jumps from 63:59:59 to 64:00:00 i ring the bell

and the spectral crowd lurches forward

stumbling and shuffling stiff legged

out into the darkness

they pass in a silent parade as i continue ringing the bell

their faces devoid of expression


am i in hell?


i am in the third night of a backyard…


hell might be designed this way

if any demon was evil enough to conceive it.


crews, race officials, runners

we all perform our routines in that netherworld of sleep deprivation

just trying to get through one hour

in order to repeat it all the next.


at the end of an endless tunnel of these groundhog hours

there will be sunrise

it is the job of the residents of this hell

to run and blow whistles and ring bells

until the light returns reality to this nightmare landscape of shadows.


i dont think there is any way to adequately describe the third night of a backyard race.

27 runners are performing this obscene dance with us here tonight

and they just left on the 65th yard.

sunlight is still 8 hours away.


i apologize for the missing updates.

i missed the first one because i was too sleep deprivation addled to write one

even though i nodded in front of my laptop trying to keep my eyes open long enough to type a coherent sentence.

hour 64 i did what had to be done after the bell

and fitted in a 40 minute nap.

i will try and finish shaking off the cobwebs and find out what is happening for you

so i can make a real update after the next start in 14 minutes…