tighten the screws


it comes on slowly sometimes.

sometimes things happen with startling speed.

other times it just sort of creeps up on you…


we now officially have a dogfight going on for second place.


belgium is now only 2 yards back

and still making up a yard an hour.

the australians are fighting back.

but there is no way to add back a missing team-mate.

so they can only keep finishing each hour

and watch helplessly

as their lead dwindles.

and pray for one of the belgians to drop before it is too late.


the aussies can feel second place slipping from their grasp.

the belgians can smell blood in the water.

the aches and pains of three days of running fade into the background

during the heat of the chase.


japan is still cruising along behind them.

waiting for any sign of weakness.



mexico has moved within 10 yards of sweden.

5 more hours to takie 9th place

and 6 more to reach 8th.


we will look at the all world team next.

right now i have to go stoke a fire.

we are freezing cold here in tennessee.