we have some sort of issue with the leaderboard.

both the guys who know how to work it have gone to bed,

so we are a little uncertain of the scoring at the moment.


what we do know,

belgium got within a single yard of australia before losing their extra runner.

when the third belgian runner failed to complete 68that should have put them up by 2.


the leaderboard shows australia up by 5,

when it had shown them down by 2 before the first belgian dropped.


what probably happened is that australia had gotten behind on data entry

(which has happened a number of times)

and never actually trailed.

.it looks like japan,

which is now down to 3 runners

is still 22 yards behind,

and making up a yard an hour.

australia, with 3 is pulling back ahead.


so the pressure is on the two remaining belgians.

if either one drops

the other is out after one more yard.

if one fails to complete a yard,

the other is out then!


at 3 yards an hour,

the japanese would have an excellent chance of bumping belgium off the podium….


and word is that it is raining in belgium.

not helpful to the belgian cause!


the next hour or two are huge.