hour 7


small country update!


while the big countries are going to be many hours reaching the significant action,

the small countries have team members who have never done 24 hours.


if you want to follow the action,

you can go to backyardultra.com and click on leaderboard.

if you look at the top left you will see a tab for the small leaderboard.


austria, vietnam, and iceland are all among the fastest teams overall,

which may, or may not, be a good thing.


10 of the 18 small teams started with a full roster.

ukraine and singapore are behind on reporting,

but the other 8 (austria, vietnam, iceland, mauritius, india, malta, switzerland, and morocco are all intact after 6 hours.


i know from talking to them over these past months

that all of them are dreaming of accomplishing big things.

even the countries who did not end up with a full roster are shooting for numerous personal bests, and definitely a national record.


i just heard an interview with the malta team manager on the real broadcast (not the spammer version that wants a credit card) that was very good.

the small country competition will be heating up soon,

as many teams have runners with bests in the 8 hour range.

i will be following that closely.