some history was made tonight.

we believe all 13 runners made it to yard 70,

a mark that had only been surpassed 7 times in history!


we lost yovichin after that

so we are continuing on with 4.

i know both belgians went on,

am pretty sure all 3 australians.

and the japanese runners were doing well the last time i heard,

so probably them as well.


the four remaining teams are in 4 completely different stages of the day.

here in tennessee it is just after 0500.

we are freezing cold (well below freezing, literally)

but with clear skies.

in belgium it is just after noon and a very temperate and plewasant day.

in japan it is after 1900, so the very beginning of night.

moderate temperaturewise, but rainy!

in australia it is 2100 😊) with clear skies and warm weather.


so australia is heading straight into the haredest oart of that difficult FOURTH night.

japan will get there in a few hours

belgium is half a day away

and we stilll have to finish the third night before starting the fourth day.

my biggest concern for team USA is whether we will be able to complete those trail loops under the time limit.