i am just making a quick post for those who might want to see history equaled,

only 2 runners remain.

the belgians; ivo and meryjn are now out on their 90th yard.

when they come in they will equal the world record of 90 hours

currently held by meryjn.

this is coming up in the next 15 to 30 minutes

and should be on the livestream.

there are no other countries to cut to,

only two tired and lonely belgians remain.


the next hour,

if they are able to continue

the standard will be pushed a little further.

from this current lap on

the standard will be pushed further with each successful hour.


for now,

i need to take a break and shower.

it has been a long time

(almost 4 days)

since i took a shower and went down to start this insane race.

and i feel truly dirty.