all through the night they went on.

every hour they assembled to the whistles

and left at the bell.

8 men made of something different.

they ran and they ran

like some sort of mythical animals

the miles falling away beneath their feet.

as i write this they move through the darkness,

less than 2 hours from 4 days

less than 8 miles from 400.


to put this into perspective

this is like running from washington dc to cleveland.


and the end seems nowhere in sight..we have phil gore from australia.

the world record holder at 102 hours (425 miles)

we have meerijn Geerts from belgium, who has run 101 (421 miles)


already eliminated are a pair of 101 hour runners;

new zealander sam harvey and belgium’s ivo steyaert

the other 6 runners are all at the furthest they have ever been,

while two of them have done super long runs before;

terumichi morishita (japan) 80 and harvey lewis (usa) 90

the other 4;

ihor verys (canada), bartosz fudali (poland), jon noll (usa), and frank gielen (belgium)

have done runs just short of that.


next h0our;


how are they doing?