when listing the pre-race favorites that fell by the wayside

i forgot about keith russell from ireland who had done an 89 and daiki shibiwaki who had 87.


there is one common thread between the drops of russell, steyaert, and harvey…


there was no warning.

no death spiral.

they were simply there one lap and gone the next.


now, despite the fact it has no predictive power of when they will stop,

how are the 8 doing?


gielen probably looks the shakiest of the lot

he had a bad patch back before the last midnight when he seemed to be mentally checking out:

crew: “there is your chair”

frank; “what do i do?”

crew; “sit in it”

there is some concern about harvey and noll

who have been coming in just before the whistles,

leaving them basically no time to sleep.

they have also shown stress at times

but later seem to recover.

with the sun coming up by the end of the hour they should be in good shape at least thru 100.

then we have morishita and fudali;

the language barrier limits our first hand information

but neither shows any apparent signs of distress.

geerts had a slow lap or two last night.

neither started any sort of trend

verys has looked the most comfortable of anybody.he looks like a serious threat to win., except…


phil gore has been unbeatable.