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wait, it is not over yet!!!

recurring dream the past two days/nights. nightmare actually, in it i wake up to find out there are still runners going. somehow i had not noticed they were there and now they are just running by them selves, and we dont have any count on their yards. . well turns out...

All World Team

as we had discussed going in each member of each team was seeded 1-15 according to their best qualifying result. the runner from each seed with the highest number of yards in the actual competition was named to the all-world team. this recognizes the contribution each...

Updating “Race” details

How to Edit your race info: After your race is over, please edit your race details and update the race date. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT add a new race. Here's an example. Login using your RD credentials You will see your race name listed. Unless you...

hour 102

welcome to the backyard family . how do you sum up a weekend like this? it is impossible to even start a list of the accomplishments. the number of records set; world, national, and personal. . the number of runners who went out for one more yard, not to add to their...

what’s on my mind?

what's on my mind? . so many thoughts are racing thru my mind right now. every year when the championships happen we think the ultimate winner is feeling no pain that they can go forever. and then they finish... . only then do we become aware of the unbelievable pain...


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