Latest updates from Backyard Ultra races around the world

hour 90

. i am just making a quick post for those who might want to see history equaled, only 2 runners remain. the belgians; ivo and meryjn are now out on their 90th yard. when they come in they will equal the world record of 90 hours currently held by meryjn. this is coming...

hour 84

. and the beat(ing) goes on. . the satellite championships is down to 4 runners. as it has been for hours now. a pair of belgians are in pursuit of the 100 hour barrier. 17 hours of running is all that stands between them and infamy. . a pair of japanese runners are...

76 hours

two coins left in the us. one gold one silver . it looks like harvey will get the silver. he went out but it was obvious he was in trouble... . even now he is hiking back slowly not on course. now it is up to piotr to complete the yard and claim the gold... . should...

hour 72

. 300 miles. it is simply mind boggling. that may not sound like much, but it is really far! it looks like i will see on the next scoreboard that a dozen runners have completed 300 miles in these races. what an incredible achievement for those athletes! . one thing...

hour 71

. some history was made tonight. we believe all 13 runners made it to yard 70, a mark that had only been surpassed 7 times in history! . we lost yovichin after that so we are continuing on with 4. i know both belgians went on, am pretty sure all 3 australians. and the...


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