Latest updates from Backyard Ultra races around the world

hour 89-90-91 addendum

we talked briefly about this thing called backyard. and the secret to the backyard he said; "i have been amazed at how far the mind can make these (legs) go" . that is the real key to the backyard. you can't train your legs to cover a hundred miles a day but your mind...

hour 84-85-86-87-88

the march of the zombies goes on. by the fourth night everyone is operating in a haze. when the sun rises and sets 4 times in the same day things start to get really messy. the hours start to pass like in a movie. where the hands on a watch keep spinning and the scene...

hour 82-83

the dirty dozen was determined on the 82nd yard here are this year's all-world backyarders Akihiro Maeda Japan Oriol Antolí Unat Frank Gielen Belgium Jon Noll USA Robert Parsons Australia Harvey Lewis USA Ihor Verys Canada Merijn Geerts Belgium Terumichi Morishita...

hour 81

ivo steyaert is out leaving us with 14... . we are almost down to the dirty dozen. the last 12 runners in the race constitute the all-world selections.

hour 79-80

big's 2023 continues to shatter our wildest expectations. 15 runners reached 80 and all 15 continued. . regrettably we are down to 14 silver medals. i guess when we run out we will have to give someone that gold one... . i hope they dont get mad

hour 78

one thing coming to light today... . you cannot have a bad hour in the backyard. every hour does not have to be the best hour. but you cannot have even one bad hour. . if you go too slow it is over if you have a moment of weakness at the bell it is over if you get too...

hour 75-76-77

a flurry of drops and other activity interrupted the flow of updates. as much as i enjoy the spectacle of the race, the best part is the people; all the people from all over the world... . for some number of days, in my backyard, playing (racing) as brothers and...

hour 74

the race seems to be morphing and entering a new phase. first hour of day 4 harvey lewis blew thru camp second hour it was sam harvey racing to the front. . to understand what stage we are at consider the runners. some of them are now just trying to get everything...


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