“Welcome to Indonesia’s inaugural and exclusive backyard ultra event: 1Lagi Backyard Ultra. ‘1Lagi’ translates locally as ‘One More,’ serving as a universal motivational phrase among Indonesians, urging them to push themselves further in the moment.

1Lagi Backyard Ultra embraces the race principles of the Backyard Ultra Family. Participants will traverse a 4.1667-mile course, where each runner is allotted precisely one hour to complete a loop. At the sound of the bell every hour, runners embark on another loop, continuing until only one remains—the Last Man Standing—while all others are marked as Did Not Finish (DNF). This unique event contrasts with traditional races, as it pits runners against themselves and the allure of their resting tents. It fosters a close-knit community atmosphere, as participants witness and interact with each other’s continuous journey through the yards, one hour at a time.

Nestled within the University of Indonesia forest, a renowned trail route conveniently located near the city with accessible public transportation, the event offers an ideal setting for a trail running celebration. The area provides ample space for setting up tents, food stalls, and stages for performances and music. Runners are encouraged to bring along their families, friends, and supporters to create a vibrant trail running village ambiance.”