Voros is a charming traditional village located in the municipality of Chersonissos, on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece. Nestled in the heart of the island, Voros is a hidden gem known for its idyllic setting, breathtaking views of the sea, and the warm hospitality of its locals.

Location: Voros is situated on a gentle slope overlooking the shimmering waters of the Aegean Sea. Its location on the northern coast of Crete provides visitors with a perfect blend of picturesque landscapes and easy access to the coastal delights of Chersonissos. The village is surrounded by lush olive groves, vineyards, and the stunning Cretan countryside, creating a peaceful and authentic atmosphere that transports you back in time.

Scenic Beauty: Voros is renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty. The village boasts traditional Cretan architecture with whitewashed houses, colorful shutters, and narrow winding streets, creating a postcard-perfect setting. As you stroll through the village, you’ll be captivated by the fragrant aroma of blossoming flowers and the gentle rustling of olive trees in the breeze. What truly sets Voros apart is its breathtaking view of the sea, which can be enjoyed from various vantage points in the village. Whether you’re sipping coffee at a local taverna or simply wandering through the village’s charming alleys, you’ll be treated to an awe-inspiring vista of the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean.

Local Hospitality: The people of Voros are renowned for their warm and welcoming hospitality. As you explore the village, you’ll find friendly locals eager to share their stories and offer a taste of Cretan culture. You can expect to be greeted with smiles and open arms, and the locals are always willing to engage in conversation, imparting their deep knowledge of the village’s history, traditions, and, of course, the best places to eat or visit. The village’s traditional tavernas offer mouthwatering Cretan dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and the cozy cafes are perfect for savoring a Greek coffee or a glass of local wine while taking in the panoramic sea views.

Voros is a haven for those seeking an authentic Cretan experience. It invites you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty, rich culture, and the genuine warmth of its inhabitants, making it an ideal destination for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle and embrace the tranquility of a traditional Greek village with a view that will leave you in awe.