The solo event will follow all the rules as set out by Backyard Ultra. Run a 6,706m lap per hour, or you are disqualified. The last person to finish a lap within an hour wins! No time cap, no assistance on the course, NO POLES, just pure hourly endurance.
For those looking for an intro into what has fast become a worldwide sensation, we are also offering an unaffiliated team relay. The teams will have their own starting time to avoid any possible pacing of the solo event. Teams can be made up of up to 4 people and no gender classifications will be made as is with the spirit of the backyard ultra. Teams will run in relay, one at a time, on the same course as the solo athletes and choose how their runners participate. There will be a 24-hour cut-off for the team event. If more than one team reaches the 24-hour mark, there will be a 1 LAP SPRINT FINISH, so build your team carefully and manage your energy!
The course is made up of a mix of rocky, hilly terrain and simple flowing jeep tracks. Be sure to keep your eye out for the abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery as you traverse the koppies and grasslands.