THE RACE OF THE CHAMPIONS – BACKYARD MASTERS is a race where Top-Athlets will run together and against each other. The race is open end and follows strict the official Backyard rules.

Qualification to participate: To get an invitation, you have to be a successful ultra-long-distance-runner (Backyard +45 loops, Megarace-winner, Spine Race-winner, TOR, Barkley, etc.). Nominated runners for Big Dogs 2021, which couldn’t travel because of the travel ban, will get a wildcard for this race..

Village Hall, Schulstraße,  56357 Rettert / Germany

Date: 20. May 2023

A 6,706 km long round course on farm- and forest tracks. The track can be checked here: Outdooractive-Link

18. & 19.05.2022 Meet & Greet
20.05.2022 08:00 AM Start

Registration Fee: 0,00€ (The race is free of charge!)

Aid Station:
The runners can get Iso, Water, Coke and Non-alcoholic Beer, Sweets, Cheese, Salami, Cookies and Fruits. Supporters can get it as well after filling the donation box. During the day the BBQ is under fire and Steaks and German Sausages are available for small money.

The trophy for the winner of the Backyard Masters is filled with 1000€!

Here is a FAQ for the race

  1. What is the closest Airport?
    • ​FRA (Frankfurt Int.) is one hour by car away from Rettert
  2. How to go from the FRA to Rettert?​​​​
    • Well, that’s the real challenge. If you have a flight ticket, contact me for help. ;-). With a rental car very easy. Use your google maps and you are in Rettert within an hour. By public transport there are two good options:
      • 1. Airport Railwaystation with RB10 to St.Goarshausen – Bus 580 to Rettert​
      • 2. Airport Railwaystation with RB22 to St.Goarshausen – Bus 580 to Rettert
  3. Is there a Day and a Night course or is it always the same?
    • It is just one course for all the possible 100 hours which you will run. 🙂
  4. What is the height profie?
    • The Altidue is 90-100 meters per loop.
    • Here is a link for the track on outdooractive
  5. Is there a grocery store or something close to the track?
    • No!
    • When you come with bus 580, it depends if you come from west or east. But in both directions there are two villages with stores. They are both 5km away from Rettert. But during the race you will need nothing. The aid stations at my races are legendary 😉