What is Backyard Ultra? This is an ultramarathon “in the backyard” invented by Lazarus Lake in the format: 6706 meters in one hour. Those who did not manage to overcome this distance are eliminated. A new round starts every hour. The race may end without winners if the last remaining participant does not go full circle.

What is BackYard Ultra Taşucu? This is the second backyard in Turkey, where you can test your strength in competition with the best athletes in Turkey. The race entered the BackYard Ultra World Series and its results will be included in the world ranking. At this start, it will be possible to qualify for both the Personal and Team World Championships.

The competition will be held on December 14, 2024 in the city of Tashuju, Mersin province. Tashuju City Stadium was chosen as the base and starting and finishing town, where everything is provided not only for athletes, but also for their teams and fans.

Anyone who registers for the race can participate. There are no restrictions!

About 100 athletes will take part in total!