Romania Backyard Ultra

2021 National Championship

  • By Ben Ami
  • Stefesti, Prahova, Romania
  • May
  • 12:00

The Romania Backyard Ultra is the first and so far only backyard ultra in Romania.

Backyard Ultra is a great concept for all levels of runners – everyone can challenge their own limits! The participants run a course (lap) that measures 6.706 km – If you complete the lap in ONE HOUR, you are still in the competition – Every full hour starts a new lap – You must not skip one lap, nor come too late to the start of the next lap, then you are out – The winner is the one (man / woman) who runs a full lap more than any other participant.

Our national record is only 33 lap from Ana Cristina Constantin – Big Dog’s Backyard World Championship (ESP) – 17.10.2020

Due to the limited number of available entries, runners have a great opportunity to get to know each other very well during the race.

To make sure everyone can give his very best, the cooler master chief Sebi provides excellent food… from time to time.

Join and become Backyard Ultra representative for Romania national team.

Race Details

Loop Details
Runners will run the same loop for the entire race
Inaugural Year
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Current number of loops record
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Record Holder Info
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Feet of Climb (day loop)
Feet of Climb (night loop)
No data
Venue Surface (day loop)
wide forest road - strava said: "dirt 96%"
Venue Surface (night loop)
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