The loop is a real gem if we may say so ourselves. A piece of Uppland at its best. The hub for the race is the park High Chaparral with its large green areas. A natural competition base in the middle of the community Vänge. Backyard Ultra Vänge will attract an audience along the course that awaits you - adorned in a lovely spring attire.

We have been careful to lay a varied and somewhat challenging course. The result is an experience where something happens all the time and the running never becomes monotonous. Large parts of the race take place on the slightly bumpy terrain track on the outskirts of the community. The feeling is that you are flying forward on the soft ground near the big trees and colossal rocks. Here, several national team runners have started their running careers and many prominent floorball players have sweated during hard workouts. An oasis for sports in Vänge and Hagunda IF.

Suddenly you are out on a forest road and glimpse highway 72. A road drum takes you under the road and you are in the middle of the unique Uppland rowing village Vänge-Ekeby. The village, which has been declared a listed building since 1998, has medieval origins with a preserved village plan. Vänge Hembygdsförening has given the village an active cultural life and many visitors. The course winds through this fantastic environment. Take the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and a society of yesteryear. Then again under the road and into the forest on small forest paths. Faster than quick, you're back in the community and spinning at High Chaparral. A little rest and maybe some of the energizing snacks that you are offered. Then on to it again. Wonderful!