Welcome to the Capital Backyard Ultra!

At Capital our goal has always been to hold a race for a small group of runners that we can help achieve their backyard goals. With a maximum capacity of 60 runners, our experienced staff and volunteers will be there to support you every yard. We like to think of our race as a “dress rehearsal” for Big’s- in fact, most of our staff has prior experience at Big’s, and you’ll see several familiar faces if you make it on Team USA for 2024. The Silver Ticket Winner in 2024 will receive $500 toward their entry and travel to the 2024 Team Championships, along with a super sweet finisher’s award.

The course, with its runnable rolling day loop and paved night loop, is tailored for high mileage performances. Runners set up under a huge pavilion that keeps the tents cool when it’s hot and dry in the rain. In addition, our kitchen is staffed by two professional chefs who have also run some of the toughest 100 milers out there, so they know how to take care of you. The tutu-clad Bullies will be waiting with a selection of food/smoothies as you finish your yard. But most importantly, you will be in a field with other experienced backyard runners who can push you to high miles. In the Backyard, you can only be as good as your next best competitor.

Some stats from the race:

– Ten of the 12 runners in the 2023 Individual World Championships are CBU alums as of 5/31/23
– 71% of Capital entrants achieved 24+ yards/100miles in 2023
– 19% of the field topped 48 yards/200 miles in 2023
– Scott Snell won the event with a whopping 75 yards/312.5 miles in 2023
– Jennifer Russo set a new Women’s WORLD Backyard Record in 2023, running 308 miles and 74 yards. She also is the ONLY woman who has run 300 miles in 72 hours.
– Capital is the only race outside of Big’s to field at-large entrants from the USA to the 2023 World Individual Championships. Three runners ran PRs to gain entry into the 2023 event


Entry will be rolling. Any runner with a 100 mile finish or who has run the event in a prior year will gain entry until the race reaches 60 runners. Bronze ticket winners will also receive entry as they come in. Runners with a 50 mile finish will be offered entry, up until capacity is reached, beginning December 1, 2023.

Please note that due to the small number of runners and the costs associated with putting on a top-notch event, we cannot offer refunds.

Bronze Ticket and Elite Runners (48+ yards)

Bronze Ticket winners and and Elite Backyard runners, please contact me so I can set up a discount code prior to entry.